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Parts of the house that we inspect:


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Items covered in a typical inspection:

> The Roof - Roof style, Number of layers of roofing, Estimated age of roof, Estimated remaining life of roof, Roofing materials, Flashing and joint material, Gutters and Downspouts, Chimney material, Soffits and Fascia.

> The Exterior - Siding, Window material, Window type, Window glazing, Window screens, Exterior door material, Walls, Driveways, Steps, and Railings, Trim material, Garage door opener.

> Foundation and Structure - Foundation wall material, Basement floor, Structural wall material, Structural floor framing, Site Drainage, Structural beam material, Structural column material, Basement ventilation system, Basement drainage system.

> Electrical - Wiring type, Wiring, Main panel, Circuit protection, Exterior service and meter, Interior light fixtures, Outlets.

> Plumbing - Water supply, Sewer supply, Main Water line material, Supply water line material, Main shutoff valve, Interior water pressure, Interior waste lines, Type of water heater.

> Heating - Type of water system, Estimated age of system, Estimated remaining life of system, System capacity, Number of zones, Filter, Thermostat, Fireplace material, Fireplace type, Fireplace flue.

> Air Conditioning - Equipment, Age of system, Estimated remaining life of system.

> The Bathroom - Water pressure, shutoff valves, operate fixtures, Powder room, Hall Bathroom, Master Bathroom.

> The Interior - Flooring, Wall material, Ceiling material, Doors, Trim, Handrails.

> Insulation/Attic - Type of insulation, Attic framing, Attic ventilation system.

> Kitchen and Appliances - Oven/Range, Dishwasher, Sink, Garbage disposal, Counters, Refrigerator, Laundry.

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