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This report presents the results of our inspection of the above referenced property performed on...  This report is based on a visual inspection of the accessible areas of the property.  The scope of this inspection conforms to the current Standards of Practice of the American Society of Home Inspectors and the State of Illinois Office of Banks and Real Estate.  Only those items whose condition is specifically reported on in this report are included in the scope of this inspection.  Items not specifically reported in this report are not part of the scope of this inspection.  This report should not be construed as a guarantee or warranty as to such condition. Any comments made with respect to insect damage are offered as a result of visual inspection of structural members only and should not be construed as representing an inspection for wood destroying insects.


Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, security systems and sprinkler systems are not included in this inspection.  Safety devices such as these should be checked regularly.


The information contained herein constitutes the entire report of the inspection of the premises and supersedes any oral discussions, comments or opinions made in connection therewith.  This report is intended for your sole use.  No other party should make any decisions on the basis of this report.


You should be aware that any structure built prior to 1978 has the potential of containing lead based paint.  Lead based paint poses a potential health hazard.  This inspection did not include any investigation for lead based paint.  If this is an issue of concern, we recommend that you consider having this property tested.


Please refer to the Home Inspection Contract Agreement document for details as to what items are excluded from this inspection.


I hope this report serves your needs.  Please feel free to contact us if there any questions.



Mike Krueger


President, Ace Inspection Services


Illinois License # 050.0001014


2 � General Information


Name of Inspector:  Mike Krueger Illinois License # 050.0001014


Client�s Agent:





Seller�s Agent:






            Paid by Check: 

            Check #


Thank you


Start time of inspection: 12:30pm        Finish time: 3:00pm


Present at Inspection:


            Buyer�s Agent


Is the home occupied: Yes       


Main front entry is facing: North


Recent rain: Yes


Estimated outdoor temperature: 80 degrees Fahrenheit


Skies: Partly Sunny


Style of home: 2-Story


Age of home: 26 years


3 � Roof


Roof style: Gable


Roof seen from: Walk on, Ground


Number of Layers of roofing: 1


Estimated age of roof: 6 years              Estimated remaining life of roof: 17-19 years


Roofing material: 280 lb. Fiberglass/ Asphalt laminated architectural shingles.

            Comments: Some moss growth on front porch roof.


Flashing and Joint material: Galvanized steel/tin or aluminum

            Comments: Visible flashing appear sound.


Gutters and Downspouts:  Aluminum

Comments:  The gutter system appeared to be in serviceable condition at the time of inspection.  Keep gutters clean and seams sealed to allow proper control of run-off. Downspouts have been extended to direct moisture away from the home.


Chimney material: Metal & Masonry.  Keep the chimney cap well sealed to exclude moisture.


Soffits and Fascia: Aluminum


General roof comments: There are cracks in the concrete chimney cap.  These are not a structural concern but should be sealed to prevent moisture penetration. Sections of the masonry chimney have cracked bricks and deteriorating mortar.  Recommend this be corrected as necessary. The downspout is missing from the West Side of front porch. Consider extending upper downspouts across shingles to empty directly into the lower gutters. Skylights show no signs of leakage or damage. Recommend keeping the tree branches trimmed away from roofing to prevent future damage to roofing materials.


Limitations of Inspection: Visible and accessible components only.


4 � Exterior


Siding: Aluminum

Comments: Several sections of aluminum siding are loose. Dents in siding on the Eastside were noted.


Window material: Wood & Wood Clad

            Comments: Pella


Window Type: Double Hung and casements


Window Glazing: Double pane 


Window screens: yes



Exterior Door material: wood and metal

Comments: There is evidence of seal leakage in windowpane of the sunroom patio door. The sunroom and dining room patio doors are keyed deadbolts on the interior. No key is readily available. This may be a safety code violation. The basement patio door does not close properly & the handle is broken.


Walks, Driveway, Steps and Railing

Comments: There is no safety railing around the front porch.  Many communities require railings on decks and balconies 16" or more above grade. Recommend sealing the wood deck surfaces with a coat of water seal each year. The rear deck ledger board is not fastened to the house with lag bolts. This may not be in strict compliance with local building codes. The rear deck railing is not secure. This may present a safety hazard.


Trim material: Wood & aluminum

Comments: Recommend caulking gaps in aluminum windowsill trim on 2nd floor front windows to prevent moisture penetration.


Garage door opener

Comments:  The garage door opener is equipped with an auto-reversing safety feature.  Recommend testing this feature periodically.


General Exterior Comments: The dryer vent cap is loose on the rear of house.


5 � Foundation & Structure


Foundation wall material:                            Basement Floor: Concrete


Structural wall material: Wood studs                Structural floor framing: 2 x 10 x 16 o.c


Structural beam material: Steel             Structural column material: Steel


Foundation Comments: Settling cracks in foundations occurs as a result of past movement in the walls and/or footing and are very common.  Comments made in this report regarding foundation cracks are based solely on observations made at the time of this inspection and are not based on any engineering evaluations.  Future movement of the foundation can occur with changes in soil conditions or foundation loads, which cannot be foreseen.  If you have continuing concerns about the foundation we recommend you seek the counsel of a professional engineer.


Basement Drainage System: Floor drain and sump pump


Site Drainage: Slopes away


Basement ventilation System: Windows above grade.


General Foundation and Structural Notes: Several settling cracks were observed in basement floor & walls.  These appear to be typical settling cracks. The ground water sump pit was dry at the time of inspection. Adjustable post jack columns have been installed beneath the main floor to reinforce the floor framing.  Recommend discussing this with the seller. Most of the walls are hidden by stored items.  The inspection is limited to only the visible and accessible areas.


Limits of Inspection: The foundation inspection is limited to only accessible and visible areas of the foundation components.



6 � Electrical


Wiring type: Conduit, Non-Metallic & BX                             Wiring: Copper


Main Panel: 120Volts � 240V, Amps - 150 amp

Location: basement


Circuit protection: circuit breakers              Room for expansion: yes 


Exterior service and meter:  3 conductors underground


Interior light fixtures:  OK


Outlets: The rear patio outlet is not properly grounded. The ground fault outlet at the rear deck did not trip when faulted. Recommend correcting these items for safety.


GFCI Receptacles: Ground fault receptacles in bathrooms & whirlpool tub test OK.  Retest each month.  Recommend converting outlets in kitchen counter area to GFCI for added protection.


Electrical Comments: Some circuits are wired with type NM wiring.  This is not in strict compliance with local electrical code requirements. Several lengths of conduit in the furnace area are not properly supported. Recommend removing exposed wiring in basement under kitchen. Recommend covering open junction box on North wall of basement for safety. One circuit in the main panel is double tapped.  Recommend each circuit be connected to a separate breaker to ensure proper service. There are wire splices in wiring in the main panel.  This is not an appropriate wiring practice.


Limitations of Inspection: Visible and accessible components only.



7 � Plumbing


Water Supply: City                                          Sewer Supply: City


Main water line material: Copper              Supply water line material: Copper

Comments:  The main supply comes under ground from the city.


Main shutoff valve: Meter                              Location: basement


Interior water pressure: Water pressure was adequate throughout the home.


Interior waste lines: Cast iron, PVC

            Comments: Gravity sewer


Type of Water Heater: (2) Gas 50 gallon.  Manufactured 1994 & 1996 State & A. O. Smith

Comments: The dial control on the left heater does not function & the right temperature is set too high. The normal life expectancy of heaters of this type is 10years. One unit has exceeded that and the other is near the end of its useful life.    


Limitations of Inspection:  Visible and accessible components only.



8 � Heating


Type of system: Gas Forced Air.   American Standard


Estimated age of system: 3 years            Estimated remaining life of system: 15-17 years


System capacity: 100,000 BTU


Number of Zones: 1. Supply air ducts are equipped with dampers to allow supply air distribution to be regulated.


Filter: Honeywell Electronic - Clean filter elements regularly.


Thermostat: Electronic

Comments:  The furnace is a higher efficiency type equipped with induced draft and electronic ignition. The A/C condensation drain leaks. 


It is recommended that a thorough cleaning and inspection of the heating system be made each year by a qualified heating contractor to ensure safe and proper operation.


Limits of Inspection:  Most of the heat exchanger is not visible and is not represented in this inspection report.


Fireplaces: (2)

            Material: masonry

            Fired by: gas/wood

            Flue: clay tile & metal


Comments:  Appear functional. There is a considerable buildup of combustion products in the family room fireplace chimney.  Recommend a thorough cleaning and checking by a chimney sweep.



9 � Air Conditioning


Equipment: Electric powered, central.  American Standard


Age of system: 3 years                        Estimated remaining life of system: 11-13 years


            Comments: 16degree Fahrenheit differential across the A/C cooling coil.  The unit appears to be operating properly.



10 � Bathroom(s)


Powder room: OK


Guest Bedroom Bathroom: The tub drain is slow. The tub drain plug is missing.


Hall Bathroom: The tub drain plug is missing.


Master Bathroom: The water supply is turned off on the left sink. The circuit breaker is turned off for the steam room. Scratches were noted in the whirlpool tub. The whirlpool tub service access panel is located in the bedroom.


            General Comments: All operating fixtures appear to function properly.



11 � Interior


Flooring: Tile and wood                                  Handrails: Wood


Wall material: Drywall                                      Ceiling material: Drywall


Doors: Wood                                                    Trim: Wood


Comments: Minor drywall blemishes, cracks and nail pops were noted. Several window latches are broken. Some interior doors do not latch. (sunroom, master bedroom)



12 � Insulation/Attic


Type of Insulation:  Walls: 3 � inch fiberglass batts = R-11

                                Attic: 10-12 inches fiberglass  = R-30


Attic Framing: 2 x 8 x 16 o.c.      


Attic Ventilation System: adequate


            Comments: Recommend adding 8� more fiberglass or cellulose insulation to attic area.

Appears well insulated and well ventilated. The attic vent fan is inoperative.


Limitations of Inspection: Visible and accessible components only. Sections of the attic space are inaccessible.



13 � Kitchen and Appliances


Oven/Range: Electric


Dishwasher: removing    


Sink: Appears serviceable.


Garbage Disposal: Appears functional.


Counters: Appear functional


Refrigerator: removing


Laundry:  Laundry area has hookup for gas or electric dryer.


            Comments:  All appliance, counters and cabinets appear to be adequate.



14 � Summary


Smoke/fire detectors were not tested as part of this inspection.  Check these prior to occupancy and twice a year thereafter.


Recommend at least one functional Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector be installed in the home for safety.


Remind the sellers to leave behind the owner's manuals for the equipment and appliances.


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